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It is with great pleasure that I am inaugurating my personal space. I sincerely thank Alberto and his staff for offering me this chance. The idea lying behind my job was the creation of a sort of webcam - almost a Big Brother - whose eye is fixed in my personal room, where I work and spend the greatest part of my studying hours. This is the room that I generally call, with a bit of humour, "Studio Olivelli3", as you can see from my CDs’ booklets, published by NBB Records, of course! The project consisted of video-recording some pieces for double bass solo from my personal repertoire, also including a selection of the most important concert studies, from which one could extract fingerings and bowings. Then, I will go on with a selection of solo excerpts of concertos (i.e. Bottesini, Koussevitzky, Dittersdorf, etc.) and sonatas, also enriching the performance with an explanation of my different stylistic and technical choices. It is like when you select the director’s comments in a DVD. I would also love to receive any suggestions from you, "faithful" friends of X-bass, that can be sent through my personal site
I wish you all a good visit and invite you all to include in your list of preferred sites!
Giuseppe Ettorre or, better, Pino.

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