Giuseppe Pedrazzini, 1907

This is a wonderful example by Giuseppe Pedrazzini. It was made at the beginning of his career and has survived in perfect condition. The elegant and well-proportioned model, the excellent choice of materials, wonderful carving of the curl, special refined cut of the Fs and the density of colour make this instrument one of the most interesting models from the past century. In particular, it is interesting to note the use of external counter-strips, typical of the German school. Inside, there is the label of its maker and the proof of a previous restoration, by Maestro Giulio Corsini, in Rome in1968.


Body: 113 cm.

Side: 19 cm. (top) - 21 cm. (bottom)

Diapason: 61,5

Lenght of F: 24 cm.

Distance body - back: 51,5 cm (top) - 39 cm. (middle) - 67,5 cm. (bottom)

Scroll - Back
Scroll - Side
Scroll - Front

Sergio Scaramelli

Thanks Prof. Silvio Albesiano, proprietary of the instrument, and M° Liutaio Eric Blot for the Pedrazzini's pictures.