Klaus Stoll DVD

Klaus Stoll - Double Bass
José Victores - Guitar
Sami Väänänen - Piano

1 - Introduzione - Audition Programs - Bowing: Wagner, Rossini, Mendelssohn, Verdi

2 - Audition Programs - Bowing - Solo: Mozart, Schubert, Dragonetti

3 - The Baroque Bow: Frescobaldi, Abel, Bach

4 - Audition Programs: Haydn and Mozart

5 - Romantic Works: Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Mussorgsky

6 - Solos: Mahler, Berg, Saens, Prokoviev, Pergolesi, Strawinsky


After such a long wait – Will it be released or won’t it? Who will produce it? Where could we buy it? etc – finally, here it is - Klaus Stoll’s training DVD, aimed at offering a new approach to the Double Bass teaching method. Though the market already offers DVDs and Videotapes on the Double Bass, such as those by Jeff Bradetich and François Rabbath – this is actually the first time in which a DVD focuses on those passages that make up the bread and butter of any orchestra professional. As outlined by Mr. Stoll himself in his introduction, this is a brand new approach of primary importance. Firstly, it is aimed at analysing those aspects that are usually missing in the traditional studies of any young student who wants to become an orchestra professional. In fact, it deals with a repertoire that is definitely uncommon (especially in Italy) but that often requires absolutely different techniques, concerning the use of the bow, the dynamics and the ensemble approach. There are solo-pieces which are not generally included in our anthologies but that represent a challenging pattern for any double bass player. This is thanks to the teacher, Maestro Klaus Stoll, his 40 years of experience and precision as a double bass player in the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra, working with the most important conductors of our time. He also offers original and elegant solutions, the precision and articulation of bowings and gestures, the familiarity and care of the dynamics and the sound quality, emphasized by the beautiful sound of his Maggini. All this supported by the historical background of the passage under study, including the musical score, the historical, cultural and musicological framework of the piece, the author and conductor’s styles or the approach of the orchestra that is going to perform the piece. In this sense, special attention should be paid to the minute details explained by the author that accompanies us in this fascinating historical journey throughout the different atmospheres that used to characterize the most important theatres and concert halls all over the world, in over 300 years. It includes Frescobaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Wagner, up to Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Berg. Stoll shows us the original scores, points of view and changes of the greatest conductors plus classical and modern technical solutions, with a special focus on the Berliner school. All this enriched by historical, social and musicological quotations, making up the cultural background that any musician should constantly keep in mind when approaching any kind of repertoire. The DVD is in German, English and Spanish and is included in the NBB Records catalogue.

An unparalleled effectiveness!” Alberto Bocini.

Riccardo Valsecchi