Video intervista con François Rabbath

00-"My romance"
01-How did you approach to music and why did you choose double bass?
02-What kind of music did you play?
03-How did you learn the bow techniques?
04-In Paris
05-Innovation and Research
06-How much important is playing in orchestra?
07-Why your school is more known in USA than in Europe?
08-Differences between German and French bows
09-Different kind of finger approach
10-Old instrument
11-His instrument
12-Collaboration with Proto
13-How much time to study
14-Young double bassists...
15-Future works
16-A new kind of Tail-Spike
17-Studing with him...
18-The importance of the Improvisation
19-Best Regards to
20-Musical examples

E' disponibile la traduzione dell'intervista!!!

Guido Zorn

Un sentito ringraziamento al M.° G.B. Cremonini per la collaborazione ed intermediazione.